Granite Colors – A Wide Spectrum of Choices for Your Home Improvement Plans

October 20th, 2010

Granite has turned out to be the leading option for quality kitchen, business and outdoor countertops. Besides adding a sturdy elegance, they are durable, brilliant and are easy to maintain for decades. It is formed from magma which was cooled over thousand years to form a rock.

The minerals found in granite are quartz, feldspars, mica and hornblende. Quartz is main component to crystallize so that it fills in extra space between other minerals. Its deficiency in chemical reactivity and cleavage with hardness gives attractive durable properties. K-feldspars present in granites give its color variations.

Depending on the geographic places of granite quarries, colors of granites vary and they look amazing. The granite colors do not fade away and the surface remains polished forever.

Granites come in variety of colors. Specific shades of granite depends from the country they are mined. Some of them are as follows:


Beige is one of the most admired granite colors, and it is generally used in bathrooms and kitchens. Quarries that produce this color with well known shades are Golden Flaring and Darkas Beige, Crema Marfil from Spain, Century Beige from Europe and Shell Beige and Egypt Creme from Egypt.

Metallic Colors

Granite colors include metallic gold and copper. These shades also feature secondary black, grey and white colors. The quarries mining these colors are South America and Brazil.


Norway quarries green granite with secondary colors that include blue and aqua shadings. They are generally termed as Emerald Pearl.


These are mined from Brazil and Coastal Africa and features greys, whites, blues and blacks as secondary colors. The rarest and most required after blue granites are Azul Blue Granites.


These are popular and available in China which is mined from Brazil. The secondary colors include red to brown and burgundy.

Gray & Black

Gray and black are widely used colors in granite. Gray granites are mined from Georgia and they shade from bare gray, Moonlight gray and Sierra white. Black Granites are mined from Sweden, India, Australia and South Africa. The secondary colors for black are blue, white, gray and, even green.

Uba Tuba Granite

Uba Tuba granite is igneous rock shipped around the world. Due to its quartz and mica composition, it is hardest and dense stones used mainly in kitchen countertops. It is durable; resists wear and endure with heat and water. Their colors range from black to green with gold and brown lines on it. The color varies from the quarries it has mined from and also lighting. Benefits using Uba Tuba Granite are as follows:
•    It has unique appearance when used and are not subjected to scratch or stain.
•    Maintenance and cleaning is easy
•    Water droplets readily blend with its surface making it look tidy
•    It is affordable combined with beauty and durability.
•    It’s highly well-suited with glass and wood furnishings.

Black Galaxy Granite:

It has black background with golden dots on it. These golden dotes are due to ferrous rich Enstatine (Bronzite).It has a remarkable appearance and it is used in the whole house to maintain uniformity. They are mainly found in Andhra Pradesh State in India. The black galaxy granite is classified into three times, namely the small speckled, medium speckled and large speckled.

Experience the Stonework of Art with Marble and Granite

October 11th, 2010

Marble and granite are stones which are quarried from Earth’s crust. Both are formed from Magma which is cooled over thousand years to form a rock, is the only similarity between the two. These rocks are classified in 3 types: Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic.

The difference between marble and granite is as follows:

  • Granite is hard stone formed by crystallized minerals under high temperature and pressure. Marble is considered to be sediment from plant matter, shells or even animal skeletons. After many years of resting under the earth’s crust, these super hot bodies start to rise and solidify as it cools to form hard stone called as Marble.
  • Granite is considered to be Igneous and Marble is Metamorphic.
  • Granite contains minerals like Quartz, mica and feldspar. After many years of pressure, results in hard, stain resistant and durable stone. Color of the granites depends on difference in the minerals .Marble, similar to granite also formed thousand years back. It is created from limestone. After much pressure and heat, the limestone texture begins to experience a transformation process called recrystallization.
  • Minerals present in granite creating unique textures, patterns and colors. It is resistant to heat, scratches, stains and heat. They are long lasting and are considered very durable. As marbles are made of calcite, it is sensitive to tile cleaners and acidic foods like lemon, wine, vinegar, and tomatoes which make the finish of marble dull.
  • There are two types of granite stones: Flamed and Honed granite. For flamed granite, a flame is applied on the surface causing melting of surface crystals. Honed granite is shiny and has reflective surfaced with soft matte appearance. Marble contains different kinds: Calcites, serpentines, Limestone, onyx, and travertine.

However, both the marble and granite are the most demanded stones to add beauty and elegance to the architectural design of your surroundings.

Marble is considered to be versatile stone known for its luxury, beauty and durability. Home decorators usually prefer marble for its elegance and artistic look. It is mainly preferred in kitchens due to its availability in many textures, colors and designs. It has also got many rough and tough features for which it is easy to maintain them.

The most usage of Marble in the house is Kitchen countertops. Your construction would not be completed unless you have marble kitchen which add value to your house. If the surface of the marble is sealed, then you can easily keep hot and cold items on its surface which would not damage unlike other countertops.

They are easily installed and with the large variety of marbles available in the market, the price of them has also reduced .The only thing we have to take care is to seal the Marble tiles to avoid stains as they very porous. As kitchens are most popular rooms in a house, it’s great to invest money in marble kitchen.

They have many advantages and some of them are as follows:

  • Marble kitchens are soft, smooth, shine and bright which make kitchen look striking.
  • It has wide variety of colors to choose from making it look class, style and true elegance.
  • They are easy to maintain if they are taken proper care and good sealers are used time to time making it more durable.
  • Though they are regarded as expensive, they are available all around the world making it affordable and cheaper.

Turn Your Kitchen into Dream Kitchen with Kitchen Counters

April 22nd, 2010

When you think of renovating your kitchen and turning it into the one that you have always dreamt of, the first thought that comes to your mind would be selecting perfect kitchen counters for your kitchen.  Although these counters come in various designs and made up of different materials, the basic ones are flat and solid counters. Now day’s counters come with wood chopping blocks attached to it for preparing vegetables and meats. It provides additional space and can even hold all the serving plates that shift food from kitchen to the dining table.

Your vision of turning your simple kitchen into your dream kitchen is incomplete without kitchen islands. Almost 50% of the homes built today incorporate an island into their kitchen design because of its extremely well-organized, contented and attractive features. The most important factor that you should consider before buying the island is the enough room space in your kitchen. The efficacy of the islands cannot be disregarded, but they would become ineffective if it does not allow you to wriggle liberally in your kitchen.

Portable kitchen islands are very famous these days. It gives added countertop area when needed and work as a great alternative for small sized kitchens. It comes in un-assembled way with wheels that makes its portable and allows you to move it out of the way when extra space is required.  Following are few ideas that you can consider when setting up your kitchen:-
Islands are most suitable for larger L, G or U shape kitchens.

  • An extra deep sink can be included in islands for washing large pots.
  • Allow sufficient countertop space on both left and right sides of the islands if a sink will be used.
  • Consider using shelf space on the sides of the islands for placing microwave or toaster.
  • Maximize the natural light using skylights and windows. Custom islands work enormously by using buried fixtures to direct light into the kitchen work areas.

Today in the market kitchen islands are available in a huge range of colors, materials and sizes. You can look through home decorating magazines and catalogs to have the options and exclusive designs available.

Measure your kitchen first and get the island of exact dimensions leaving between 42 and 48 inches apace nearly the entire island, so that you are sure of opening your fridge, dishwasher and oven easily. Islands can be ended to contest existing counter tops and cabinets.

Along with the islands finding the perfect kitchen counters might be a trouble for most of you. There are several types of countertop available each with their own style and texture:-

  • Granite : It is one of the most popular and attractive options, that can be found in many colors like red, white, brown, green, blue and black. The best advantage of granite is that it can resist metal and heat scratch.
  • Soapstone:  It has a soft and natural feel and is anti to acids and heat.
  • Wood: Oak, maple, cherry and red beech are preferred choices for wood countertops. It can be bacteria protected
  • Concrete: It is absorbent in nature and soak stains faster. Mild soap and water can be used for cleaning this type of countertop.

Granite : The Ace in Vanity Countertops

March 22nd, 2010

It is very important to have a large workspace in your bathroom. Bathroom countertops provide the same required extra workspace. A number of materials can be used to make these countertops like wood and plastic. Wood is cheap but must be avoided for use in making countertops as it is not at all resistant to moisture and hence proves to be costlier in the long run due to short life.

Plastics though being water resistant get scratched easily and hence are again not very durable. A material which can provide water resistance and durability along with elegance is required for making a perfect bathroom countertop. Such a material is granite. It has unbeatable durability and water resistance. To add to that it gives a perfect style statement.

Granite is completely scratch resistant and is a perfect choice for making a countertop in the bathroom. After all this discussion a question might obviously arise in the mind of the reader that how are vanity countertops any different from the normal sinks and why should they spent their precious money on them. Let us find the answers to these questions.

A sink countertop can be either vessel shaped or recessed shaped. Both these types will give your bathroom luxurious look and increase its efficiency by leaps and bounds. It will not only provide you the much needed extra work area but also give an elegant look to your bathroom. Countertops can also be used in kitchens.

It is extremely important that one does not get deflected just towards the beauty of the countertop. While buying sink countertops one must pay due attention to the basic aim behind buying a countertop that is increasing the available workspace. The durability of the material must be given importance. After taking care of the above requirements one is free to choose the unique style of countertop that he wants.

A large variety of such countertops are available today. They can be made up of different materials like travertine, tempered glass, decorative copper etc. They come in a variety of shapes as well. While buying granite countertops you have the option of choosing between a number of textures and colors.

The cost of these countertops also vary largely but before buying a countertop of a certain price range a mix of goals should be kept in mind which include durability, strength and finally beauty.

Increase Your Workspace with Granite Worktops

March 11th, 2010

Today granite is widely used for making various utilities of our houses. Granite can be used in bathrooms to make vanity tops or showers. It can also be used to build table tops and other free standing furniture. Granite worktops have become the ultimate in interior decoration as they give a certain style statement.

They not only add a certain grace and elegance to your house but also make it efficient. Granite kitchen islands are widely used today not only because of their beautiful looks but also because of the benefits that they offer over usual counters. As granite is an igneous rock it can readily resist high temperatures. Temperatures as high as 2000K have no effect over granite.

Further it is also used in bathrooms and kitchens as it is extremely hygienic. Granite has a crystalline structure which leaves very little space for existence and growth of harmful microbes. Though granite might seem very sophisticated it is rather extremely durable and easy to maintain. It is generally resistant to most stains and can be easily cleaned with just a wet cloth hence increasing its utility as a countertop.

Granite kitchen islands also serve a very important purpose of increasing your workspace. More workspace means more working convenience in the kitchen and hence granite is an all time favorite. Granite also comes in a variety of colors and textures which allows a person to choose a style that reflects his own character. Hence the emotional value of granite is also very high.

The most usual granite colors are emerald, brown and white but the beauty about granite is the availability of a variety of textures and colors. Each place where granite is found yields a different type of granite having a unique texture and unique blend of colors.

You can choose the texture and color of your choice from a large variety. Each person has a different taste for colors and hence for people looking for something very unique and just according to their taste to decorate their houses, granite is just the perfect choice.

Certain granite colors are more suited for using in bathrooms and some are just perfect for tiling your floors and walls. For example emerald is most suited for making sinks and tiling walls of bathrooms whereas brown is generally used in kitchens. Therefore one must pay due attention to the color they choose.

Natural Stones and Their Uses

March 9th, 2010

Stones have been used by mankind since ages. Their use can be prominently seen in historical monuments. In fact their use their use becomes even more prominent as we go back in time. Today also natural stones are of great importance to man and rather it can be said that now even more number of applications of these stones have been discovered.

Stones like quartz (sandstone), marble, granite and pumice are widely used today for various purposes. These stones are used for construction of houses, for the constructions of bridges, pavements, buildings and decorative showpieces as well. This varied use is a consequence of the fact that they are found in various forms.

These different forms have varying strengths, different textures, and different physical and chemical properties. They are also found in a variety of colors. Let us take a look at the various properties and uses of some of these stones.

Granite is a widely used stone due to its durability strength and beauty. It is very smooth and shiny and hence adds a grace to the things made out of it. It can be used to make kitchen worktops, other countertops and furniture as it is completely scratch resistant and also very easy to maintain.

It is also extremely hygienic due to a very compact crystalline structure. Such a structure does not allow bacteria to hide. It can be very quickly and easily cleaned by just water. It is also used to build kitchen counters due to its heat resisting character. This is property it has due to igneous origins.

Quartz or sandstone is generally used for making bricks. It is extremely hard but on the other hand its rough nature prevents its use in making furniture. But in recent times a new trend of using polished quartz stone for making luxury worktops has started. In fact some of these counters are costlier than the granite ones. It is also extremely easy to maintain and clean.

Marble is one of the cheapest of stones used for tiling, making decorative showpieces and sometimes also for making furniture and countertops. Though it is cheap it is no less in beauty than granite and sandstone. Its milky white color is loved by all and hence it is most commonly used stone for making showpieces. It is not widely used for making worktops due to lack of strength and durability.

Wide Choice Of Granite Colors And Counters Available

February 3rd, 2010

The name granite symbolizes class, beauty and resistance. It’s perhaps the reason why granite is being used extensively in the constructions of house, commercial complexes, temples etc around the world.  There is a huge demand for granite material in the market given to its characteristics. Everyone wants to setup their kitchens with granite since it provides good value for their money.

This natural stone is available in different sizes, colors and designs. Granite colors provide you wide range of choice to suit your needs. You can choose them based on your requirement. They are natural in color and ever lasting.

Some of the most popular granite colors available in the market are:

•    Absolute black
•    Azul granite
•    Whites
•    Green granite
•    Gold and copper
•    Rose

The wide range of colors available in the market has increased the popularity and demand of this natural stone and the granite suppliers are on the toes to meet the demand of the public.  Even tough the granite is little expensive when compared to other materials, it offers durability and heat resistance and therefore is a perfect match for your kitchen. It is also once in a lifetime kind of investment.

Granite counters choice:

Granite counters are available in wide range and designs in the market and therefore the one you choose will depend on your affordability.  The granite countertops are available in different levels and the prices differ for each level. The lower level of countertops and less expensive and higher level of countertops are more expensive and therefore you’ll need to choose them based on your affordability.

There is no industry standard to define different levels of granite. Higher level granite may have more desirable patterns or fewer imperfections when compared to lower levels of granite. The prices of the granite counters thereby depend on its level of quality. You need to make sure that you hire a professional and qualified contractor for installing these counters.

Some people hesitate to install granite in their kitchen due to a small emission of radon gas by granite. However, various studies have proved that most of the granite used in the kitchen are not real granite and contain materials other than granite and therefore contain very less amount of radon gas which is not harmful.

What is the new trend in granite?

The new trend in granite that is fast catching the interest of the people is granite kitchen island cart.

There are many advantages of this cart. There is always a freedom of preparing food anywhere you wish. It also gives features like easy cleaning, moving storage etc. It is also available with side mounted spice and towel rackets add further ease.

Granite Color To Choose For Kitchen Counter Tops

December 2nd, 2009

Just like a rainbow there are many colors of granite and if you start combining them to make something new, there is no limit to the colors of granite counter tops. Granite is the most popular stone used in kitchen counter tops. It is the durability and sturdiness property of the stone that makes it so popular.

Granite color is another important property which adds aesthetic elegance to your kitchen. Not only in kitchen but it adds more value in bathrooms, fireplaces, jacuzzi, walls, flooring’s and furniture. The variation in the patterns, shades and colors of granite is very appealing which makes it the most preferred stones for kitchen and bathrooms.

Advantages of Granite

Granite is advantageous for kitchen and other places of the house because it is the hardest. Even if it is a little expensive, granite could actually be used for lifelong without much of maintenance. Being a cool stone, you can place any hot pot over kitchen granite counter top.

Scratch resistant and heat resistant are two other important properties of granite which makes them so popular in every household. Granite color never changes or fades with time. You will get to see the same shine and polish of the stone after using it for many years. Rough and tough stone like granite is suitable for home improvement because it will be considered as one time investment.

Granite Colors

You can implement a nice range of colored granite pieces for your kitchen counter tops or bathroom vanity. If your kitchen has wooden cabinetry, off-white color or any other light colored granite will match very well with the kitchen. Similarly if you have a particular color scheme in bathrooms, you could choose complimentary granite color counter tops.

The industry has standardized certain colors and pattern of granite. It becomes easy placing orders and compare when you have standard granite colors. The most popular and demanding color is the absolute black.

• Absolute Black – It possesses a stark quality which makes it look exceptionally good. This color stone is highly polished to mirror like brightness which also gives it a glossy look. Primarily it is mined from India, Australia, Sweden and South Africa.
• White – White also have many shades in granite. The names may vary depending upon the country of origin. For example – Bianco is popular white shade granite which has ivory touch and is mostly mined in Brazil and Italy.
• Azule – It is the second most popular granite colors which are usually mined in Brazil and Spain. It is a blueish color granite stone with shades of gray, white, tones of blue and blacks. It is mostly used for decorative purpose.
• Green Shades – When it comes to secondary colors, green colored granite has the most variable. Wide variety of green color granites are found as compared to any other granite colors.
• Gold Color – The highest number of quarries of this shade is found in South America and Brazil. Copper and gold colored granites usually have secondary colors of white, gray and black.
• Yellow Shade – This shade is available in both fine and coarse grain. Yellow colored granites are also very common and are used for home improvement purpose. This shade could also match with the wooden cabinetry in the kitchen.
• Red Granites – Red colored granite stone is very popular in China. It has a striking feature which makes it so popular and gives romantic appearance.

Shorten Your Housework by Using Marble and Granite

March 11th, 2009

The kitchen is an ideal option for primary décor in any household. Appliances like wooden cabinets, stainless steel accessories, marble and the granite countertops can help give a classy look to the kitchen. An elegant kitchen adds to the beauty of the household.

Granite countertops are beautiful and as they are available in so many colors and thus the homeowners have plenty of options to choose from. Granite is very durable and can resist heat. Marble countertops are more tolerant to hot surfaces. They can be incorporated in bathrooms, fireplaces, kitchens etc. They also make excellent pastry slabs. You will need to seal the Marble countertops regularly. Sealing helps to prevent stains and damage and it keeps the marble tops looking beautiful for many years. Granite countertop surfaces need to be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. Stone cleaners formulated with neutral pH can be used once a week.

Granite is a tough stone made from the volcanic magma. Hence, the applications made from the above material can withstand stains. These can also be used to make kitchen countertops. Granite is available in a variety of colors. The most popular colors amongst them are black and blue. These colors provide an aesthetic look to the environment. Blue kitchen countertops are considered an excellent choice amongst many home builders. A blend of colors can work wonders with a host of appliances and designs. Black kitchen countertops can blend in with light colored flooring. Countertops should always match with the color of the cabinets.

Fireplaces add charm and elegance to any home. Marble fireplace mantles add a uniquely blunt appearance to any room. Marble is a natural stone and it will not deteriorate so easily. It is also durable and most of all it is elegantly appealing. Marble fireplace mantles are naturally resistant to heat and fire. They are also available in different shades and colors. The most commonly used color is white. They are perfectly safe to use and are environmentally friendly. Marble countertops automatically update the look of your kitchen and add a significant value to any homes. The marble fireplace mantles add a look of sophistication with their new designs.

Your housework will become considerably shortened because these materials do not require any kind of high maintenance.

Your Homes will sell like hotcakes in the Real Estate Market

March 8th, 2009

Granite and marble are extensively used by people for home construction. These are the latest trends in the real estate market as well. The houses designed with these materiel normally justifies to the good real estate value even during the recession period. It is for this reason, the builders use marble and granite to construct flooring as well as interiors on their projects.

Marble and granite flooring are use widely in the construction of many houses. They provide a touch of elegance to the homes because of their attractive and vibrant look. They are durable because of their tough and rough nature. Marble and granite flooring are more stable and very resistive in nature. They are also cost effective on a long run as you do not have to worry about their maintenance and coloring. Since the marble and granite are natural products, they exhibit a wide range of stain resistance. Many professionals recommend the use of sealers for both marble and granite flooring. These sealers can be procured online or from the local home stores. These sealers will need to be applied on a regular basis depending upon the foot traffic the granite is exposed to.

Granite and marble countertops are very popular and are used in almost all the commercial and domestic purposes. They are not only useful in enhancing the beauty of the kitchen but they are also easier in maintenance. Marble countertops assist in resisting even significant temperatures. These do not get easily damaged with the use of hot pans, knives and exposure to stains. Many companies provide custom design finishing to their customers. A smooth polish can reflect and highlight the finest hues of marble.

Granite and marble are the most recommended material for kitchen counters. You can get to choose from a variety of colors for your kitchen counters. They also add richness and texture to your kitchen. Granite and marble countertops can change the outlook of the kitchen space at an affordable cost. Granite kitchen counters have a natural beauty and are the most durable, because granite absorbs the least amount of heat. They can transform the entire look of the kitchen with their unique and different designs and patterns.

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