Popularity of Brushed And Leather Finish Kitchen Countertops

The importance of countertops is in setting the design and working height of your kitchen. The homeowner is on constant lookout and wants something new in design, color and size. These emerging trends in bathroom and kitchen countertops has forced the fabricators and suppliers to adapt and fulfill the requirements of the customers.

The first step towards this started with honing the natural stone. The concern was the dust, fingerprints and food stains which showed up. Adding up to it were issues of the counter top looking great from one angle and less ideal from the other angle.( basically a finishing issue). This gave rise to a solution of leather finish, providing consistent and uniform finish. Eliminating the issue of dirt, finger prints making maintenance much easier. A honed surface can be sealed to resist the permeability.

The leather finish requires the surface to be honed. To bring color and the pores closer the honed surface is subjected to diamond polishing which also makes the stone denser, giving it lesser porosity. Leather finish is very popular. One can also avail of river-was finish or brush finish wherein the counter top is flamed or bush hammered. To smoothen the sharpness of the surface it is polished with brushes. This process may takes out the original color and the surface may become porous.

With a number of natural stone fabricators willing to provide the improved applications on the counter top the brushed and leather finish kitchen countertops are becoming more and more popular. Granite definitely is the first choice for kitchen.

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